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about lilly

Lillian Shaw worked for McCann Erickson as Creative Director / Trouble Shooter for the Europe and Asia regions. She worked with clients such as Gulf Air, Coke, BMW, Nivea, Gillett, Bridgestone, Streets, Suzuki… winning multiple advertising industry awards for her press and television campaigns.

In Vietnam, based on Lillian’s renovation / styling of her rental property, she was 

approached to launch the first interior design magazine in Vietnam. 

Nha Dep is Today a leading Vietnamese magazine.

In Indonesia, Lillian wrote an ideal economy for eco-tourism and pitched the concept to the Indonesian Government, the World Wildlife Fund, and the United Nations. Two years later The Tree Houses Resort in the Bali Barat Rainforest was officially opened for business.

After many years working abroad, setting trends, and selling dreams the progression to working with interiors was natural and inevitable.

"Interior design for me is about how people interact with space, how rewarding it feels to be within it. The difference between film and home is in the next layer, evoking a character for film, or how much that space is loved for home. Taking the viewer or guest on a journey of discovery."

Lillian’s expert styling and remarkable attention to detail creates alluring connections to a character or a space.

home: About

the furniture

Lillian has amassed a stunning collection of meticulously chosen furniture that will suit any occasion. If required to target a specific audience, that selection of furniture must be exacting. If she can't provide the perfect choice from her collection a piece will be bought or a bespoke created just for your situation.

Lillian works to suit every budget and enjoys a good challenge. Stock changes, and can be purchased by the client. Talk to Lillian about your preferred style.


the detail

Space should be an enjoyable experience not only functional. Knowing what detail to use, bold, elegant or subtle, so in its entirety it feels committed and united. 

Lillian stands unmatched by her expertise.


the texture

Texturing requires confidence, restraint, and a sharp eye for placement and colour balance. An exquisite pallet of quality fabric and works of art creates an interest to stay and linger.

What ever the style, Classic, Boho, Retro, Modern… Lillian will make it desirable to touch, to have and to own!

“Lush rich textures create an imprint, a standout memory that draws you deeper into that world.”

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