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the ethic

Talk to Lillian about her job, expect to hear a lot of passion and honesty. Watch Lillian on the job and expect to see the unexpected as she reinvents space and makes beautiful   things.

“Just don't get in my way when i play. ”​

What Lillian calls play, the rest of us call hard work. She uniquely and sensitively approached every job, influenced by all the little details, from size, shape and colour down to the way light bounces and shadows come and go. Always considerate of character or the lack of. She knows instantly how to enhance!

“I’m not shy of hard work and if a zone needs something extra, I could end up wallpapering a wardrobe, re-covering a sofa, embellishing a lamp, anything! I’m averse to repetition, as we are all unique I like to also  express that spatially .”

With regard to props for film and furniture for home staging, Lillian keeps her overheads down, so her effectiveness can reach a maximum impact at a minimum cost for the client. She has a big studio in her back yard and employs staff as she needs them.

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